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Food Sculptures

We can make sculptures and installations using all sorts of food. We have worked with chocolate, cheese, pizza dough, breads, fruit, vegetables, meat, gingerbread, cake, pastry, cookies, duck spring rolls, fish, butter, sugar, rice, pulses, jelly…

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Food Paintings & Mosaics

We can create anything from tiny paintings on slices of halloumi to mosaics made from 2012 cupcakes. We have worked with: chocolate, sugar, noodles, pasta, spices, sweets, coffee, tea, crisps, nuts, cereals, fruit, vegetables, biscuits, eggs, pul…

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Installations have included building life size chocolate rooms, an edible forest made from fruit and vegetables, and an edible giant chocolate Christmas tree.

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Live Sculpting

Prudence can perform live at your event. She loves to sculpt chocolate and cheese, and build food art in front of people while she explains what she is making and how.

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Non Food Art

As an artist Prudence loves anything to do with art and creativity. Over the years she has been asked to create art with other materials. Her style of artwork can work really well with non food items, such as postage stamps, flowers, coins, feathe…

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Bespoke Chocolate

We can design an item, create the mould, make it in chocolate, adding edible colour or decoration as required, pack it into your choice of packaging, whether it is a bag with ribbon (your choice of colour), or a bespoke box, this could even have your…

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Weddings, Birthdays & Celebrations

For an unusual and impressive feature for your wedding or celebration you could have an amazing bespoke chocolate creation. We create centerpieces that can feature anything and everything. We can create chocolate portraits, chocolate sculptures and t…

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Consultancy & Development

Prudence can advise on how food art can be used, looking at what could be made with your product and suggest some ideas.

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Events & Workshops

Food art workshops for events, team building, community groups and schools. Experience the world of Prudence‚Äôs food art. We can design workshops where people can have a go at being a food artist. This can compliment any event to build in activatio…

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Chocolate Christmas Cards

Instead of traditional paper Christmas cards, why not send personalised edible Christmas cards - a gift and a Christmas card in one! Better for the environment and better for your taste buds! These edible cards are perfect for stockings fillers or…

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Just let Prudence know what your material is and we will let you know what is possible!

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