Wholegrains Sunflowers (Hero)
Wholegrains Sunflowers 1

Wholegrain Art - The Sunflowers made from wholegrains

I was commissioned to make a vibrant work of art from a range using only wholegrains and wholegrain products to highlight the health benefits of wholegrains and prove that ‘beige is beautiful’.

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Sunflowers With Prudence
Under The Tower
Laying Out Shortbread

Walker’s Shortbread Eiffel Tower

I was commissioned to make a sculpture of the Eiffel Tower from Walkers Shortbread fingers to be displayed at The TFWA World Exhibition and Conference in Cannes, France.

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Walkers Shortbread Eiffel Tower With Product Pack
Selection Of Completed Chocolate Items On Table

Sidemen Chocolate or Not

I was commissioned to make a series of items as part of a YouTube video by The Sidemen. The items had to be made entirely from chocolate but to look realistic. They had to guess which items were real and which were made from chocolate. The Sidemen…

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Selection Of Completed Chocolate Items
Chocolate Bars & Chocolate Portraits for Question Team
Prudence With Nish

Question Team Bespoke Chocolate

I was commissioned to create bespoke chocolate bars for the comedy quiz show Question Team. The brief was to make a chocolate bar made from 3 well-known chocolate bars (Bounty, Kinder and Crunchie) that could be blended together for the contestants t…

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Richard Unwrapped
Set of 6 poke bowl artworks on branded background

Deliveroo Poke-Mon Bowls

Prudence was commissioned by Deliveroo to create a collection of Pokémon characters from edible ingredients that you would usually find in a Poke bowl or Japanese food to celebrate the release of the movie Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

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Poke Ball
Fruit Carving

8 of out 10 Cats Does Countdown

I have been commissioned to make various food sculptures for several episodes of 8 of out 10 Cats Does Countdown over the years. They are always fun to research, develop and make.

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Johnny Vegas With Chocolate Johnny Vegas
Pinpep Meatfreeweek 160619 008
Prudence With Caulifower Sheep London Bridge

Cauliflower Life Size Sheep

To celebrate World Meat Free Week I was commissioned to create 3 life-size sheep to look realistic, be edible, and be able to be moved and positioned on London Bridge all made from fresh cauliflower for a photo shoot with Victoria Pendleton.

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Victoria With Sheep On London Bridge
2010 & 2020 Queen Cakes
Piping Chocolate Buttercream Queen Corgi

Dr. Oetker Baking Platinum Jubilee Cakes of the Crown

I partnered with Dr. Oetker Baking to create eight portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, made entirely from cake and cake decorations.

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Detail Of Carrot Cake Dress
Working On Rainbow
NHS With Rainbow

Florette Rainbow Crunchy Salad Art

I was commissioned by leading UK salad brand Florette to create a 350cm long x 200cm high colourful rainbow salad artwork.

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Rainbow Close Up Detail
Gaggenau Girl With A Garlic Earring Installation
Girl With Pearl Earring Work In Progress Cauliflower On Face

Gaggenau Girl with a Garlic Earring

As part of a celebration to launch the new Gaggenau Steam oven I was commissioned to create a vertical fresh food artwork that could withstand being on display for 4 days.

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Girl With The Pearl Earring Made From Vegetables
Painted Chocolate Eggs
Photos From Deliveroo Photo Shoot 1

Deliveroo Mystic Eggs

Deliveroo commissioned Prudence, Food is Art, to curate and develop the limited-edition Mystic Eggs exclusively for Deliveroo, with eggs available in milk chocolate and an additional dark chocolate option for vegans.

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Photos From Deliveroo Photo Shoot 2
Caterpillar Featured Horizontal
Caterpillar Featured Square

Nestle Cereal Caterpillar

We created a 10ft long mopane caterpillar out of wholegrain cereals; to show there are easier ways for parents to get their kids eating their vegetables. We took the cereal caterpillar on a tour to London, Liverpool Brighton, Glasgow and Bristol.…

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Caterpillar Featured Main
Carlsberg Featured Horizontal
Carlsberg Featured Square 2

If Carlsberg Did Easter

We were asked to create the chocolate elements to build a life size 600cm long x 300cm high x 200cm deep billboard poster that people could step into to pour Carlsberg into a chocolate glass.

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Carlsberg Featured Main
Cadbury7 Featured Horizontal
Cadbury7 Featured Square

Cadbury Spectacular 7 Chocolate Bar

We were asked by Cadbury to make a very special limited edition chocolate bar that combined 7 classic Dairy Milk flavours in one super sharing bar.

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Cadbury7 Featured Main
Kilmeaden Featured Horizontal
Kilmeaden Featured Square

Kilmeaden Cheese Greek ‘Discobolus’ statue

To tie in with the brands promise of “We take away the rest and give you the best”, Kilmeaden Cheese commissioned me to create a life size replica of the historical Greek mythical Discobolus statue. I used about 100 Kilos of Kilmeaden red cheddar…

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Kilmeaden Featured Main
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