Giant versions of chocolates

These included a 3ft long Twix, 75cm high Creme egg, a Giant dark chocolate button, a giant Malteser, and a giant Turkish delight.

Making Giant Malteser (1)
Giant Twix Sliced Edge

I made giant slabs of shortbread, made a caramel filling and then enrobed this with lots of melted milk chocolate to create the classic Twix appearance. The giant Creme Egg was made using 10 kg of milk chocolate and filled with white fondant.

Giant Twix Edge (1)
Jusy With Giant Twix (1)
Easter Egg
Giant Chocolate Egg
Turkish Delight (1)

Cheese sculpture of Jimmy Carr

Prudence At Cats Does Countdown Cheese
Jimmy Carr Cheese Sculpture

I carved the likeness of Jimmy Carr on a 20kg block of Cheddar, using traditional sculpting and modelling tools. I was also asked to carve a portrait of Sean Lock on a wheel of Stilton and a portrait of Jon Richardson on a Babybel.


Johnny Vegas chocolate head

I created a head sculpture of Johnny Vegas using 18kg of milk chocolate. I made a large block of chocolate and used a sharp knife and traditional sculpting and modelling tools to create his likeness.

Johnny Vegas Reaction
Johnny Vegas With Chocolate Johnny Vegas 1
Sculpting Johnny Vegas
Johnny Vegas With Chocolate Johnny Vegas (1)

Carved Fruit Portraits

Fruit Carving (1)
Grapefruit Sarah Pascoe

I carved the likenesses of Jimmy Carr on a watermelon, Chris McCausland on a cantaloupe, Sarah Pascoe on a grapefruit, Richard Ayoade on a avocado, and Jon Richardson on a satsuma.


More projects

Set of 6 poke bowl artworks on branded background

Deliveroo Poke-Mon Bowls

Prudence was commissioned by Deliveroo to create a collection of Pokémon characters from edible ingredients that you would usually find in a Poke bowl or Japanese food to celebrate the release of the movie Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

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Poke Ball
2010 & 2020 Queen Cakes
Piping Chocolate Buttercream Queen Corgi

Dr. Oetker Baking Platinum Jubilee Cakes of the Crown

I partnered with Dr. Oetker Baking to create eight portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, made entirely from cake and cake decorations.

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Detail Of Carrot Cake Dress
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