This was a wonderful challenge particularly as the food needed to stay fresh, vibrant and still be edible at the end of the event so the produce could be eaten.

My food art studio is based on a sheep farm so we had plenty of sheep to look at to scale and sculpt the sheep correctly.

The sheep had to be designed so they could be easily moved and be able to be positioned upright on their legs without any issues or any cauliflower falling off.

After some experimentation we came up with the idea of using a polystyrene sculpted sheep body that the fresh cauliflower could be attached to with food safe biodegradable wooden skewers.

Keeping the artwork hydrated was essential and this was achieved by lightly spraying with water.

I hand sculpted and painted the faces of the sheep to resemble blue faced mule sheep so they had a cute personality.

Sculpted Sheep Ready For Cauliflower Dressing
Working With Cauliflower
Adding Cauliflower To Sculpted Sheep
Starting To Add Cauliflower To Sculpted Sheep

We also designed a way to safely transport the cauliflower sheep to keep them safe and not get damaged in transit.

Sheep On Transport Wheels
Cauliflower Curry Cooking
Cooking Cauliflower Florets Soup

After the event all of the produce was washed and made into cauliflower soup and cauliflower curry.

Ingredients For Cauliflower Sheep Soup

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