The super sharing bar

We were asked by Cadbury to make a very special limited edition chocolate bar that combined 7 classic Dairy Milk flavours in one super sharing bar.

Made with 200g of Cadbury Dairy Milk this bar featured 7 rows of 3 chunks and included Caramel, Whole Nut, Fruit & Nut, Turkish Delight, Oreo, Daim and Dairy Milk.

The chocolate bar idea was created in response to research that showed Brits can sometimes be reluctant to try new flavours. By combining every flavour into one bar, Cadbury wanted to tempt us to try something new.

50 of the Spectacular 7 bars were part of a Twitter give-away @CadburyUK

3D mould design for the cadbury 7 bar

Forbes Interview

Can you elaborate on your involvement in this product in greater detail? 

Once Cadbury came to me with the concept of producing a mega bar to celebrate all the lovely different flavours they now have in their Dairy Milk bar range, I was involved in working out how we actually bring it all to life.  We started trying out loads of different methods, but settled on using a mould, and the classic Cadbury chunk design – but a bit larger so that I could make sure all the ingredients fitted in in my workshop. It’s a bit different than making it in a factory!

How did this collaboration come about? 

I often work with Cadbury on fun and interesting projects, but this time they approached me because they wanted to create the ultimate chocolate bar to celebrate all the new flavours they’ve got. Hopefully we’ve succeeded!

What are the most exciting and interesting parts of your collaboration process with Cadbury's on this project? I'd love to hear more about the challenges of designing this bar too, as well as your target audience (and how you decided on the different elements because of that). Does the fact that it's a limited edition chocolate bar influence your design?

Absolutely! The limited run nature meant that everything had to be done in a workshop by hand with moulds. Sometimes caramel was intent on escaping from the bars, and so I couldn’t use all of them – but it’s all part and parcel of a bespoke limited run item like this. We actually went through a few iterations of design, initially we didn’t make the moulds large enough and so ingredients would escape, and the bars would crack – but after trying a few things we settled on taking the iconic ‘share bar’ size, and giving it a spectacular little twist (we made the chunks much deeper than usual!), this solved a lot of the design problems we were having. The process of making each bar still took several hours though!

What was your reaction when you first hear about this 7-flavor bar? 

Willy Wonka eat your heart out! I just thought it would be a great fun project to be a part of. I mean who doesn’t love the idea of every Cadbury flavour in one?

Spectacular 7 Bar Wrapped

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