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When it comes to our favourite Irish dish, bacon, cabbage and mash is the clear winner (31%), followed closely by the full Irish (30%) according to a new survey from Kilmeaden Cheese.

Cheese, meanwhile, is our number one key ingredient for any winning dish (75%), followed by butter (22%).

The survey was conducted by Kilmeaden to unveil the ‘fillet’ of Irish talent across sport, radio, television and, of course, the Irish culinary scene.

Client 3D Render
Work In Progress 2

I studied lots of different photos of different versions of this iconic sculpture, and made a sample sculpture head from cheese to work to a scale that would be in proportion.

Kilmeaden In Situ

I partly sculpted this at my studio, and then drove it over to a photography studio in Dublin, nearly missing the ferry after the sat nav took me 1 hour in the wrong way! Not ideal when transporting cheese that needs to stay cold!

I had a great time in Dublin completing the sculpture there, carving the details to the hands and feet, and attaching the head.

This was great project, and a yummy cheese to work with. I even had time to have a few glasses of Guinness!

Kilmeaden Final Sculpture

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