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The ‘Cereal-pillar’ concept was designed to highlight to parents that a bowl of Nestle breakfast cereal provides children, particularly those who would prefer to eat creepy crawlies over their vegetables, with the vitamins and minerals they need.

The cereal caterpillar was 1,522 times its normal size.

We used a wide range of wholegrain cereals; including Cheerios, Nesquik, Shreddies, Golden Nuggets, and Bite size Shredded Wheat.

I worked with Russell Beck Studios to create the caterpillar support and the grass display base.

Colour caterpillar sketch

Project facts

Nestle is embarking on a nationwide tour with the caterpillar which is made out of whole grain breakfast cereals to show there is an easier way to get a whole bowl of good stuff than eating a creepy crawly.

Parents are facing a battle to get their children to eat vegetables, with 53% of kids admitting they have munched on creepy crawlies from the garden, yet 60% refuse to eat a plate of greens.

The study by Nestle has revealed the most popular bugs to feast on are worms, caterpillars and snails.

Nutritionist Angela Dowden said: “Mealtimes can be a minefield for parents. Getting their kids to eat vegetables and other good stuff can be tricky, but vitamins and minerals are essential during their developing years.

“Encouraging children to have a bowl of whole grain, fortified cereal with milk every morning, can help them get a great start the day and give you the peace of mind they’re getting a whole bowl of the goodness, without needing to hunt for a grub from the garden.”

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