Comments & feedback about my chocolate creations:

“Proper hats off to the behind the scenes people who created all of the chocolate objects, because this is incredible”.

“Almost everything in that room was made of chocolate and it looks so realistic props to whoever made the chocolate it looks absolutely amazing”.

“The work that's gone into making those chocolates are extra-ordinary and outstanding... UNBELIEVABLE”.

“I cannot believe the switch and the lamp were chocolate. The production of this set and video is shocking and is equivalent to a Sidemen Sunday”.

“Imagine if the sofa they were sitting on was chocolate as well, that would be mad. Props to the people behind the scene making these chocolates”.

“Never would have guessed any of those are chocolate pieces. Props to people who made them. It’s very impressive to see”.

“Props to whoever made the chocolate, that's honestly insane”.

“The fact that even JJ was shocked the clock was chocolate creased me! Whoever made those items is insanely good!!!”.

“Lets appreciate the chocolates arts done by an artist really impressive I’m shocked cause they look so realistic”.

“The fact that most of them thought that they picked an object instead of a chocolate only for it to turn out to be actually chocolate goes to show just how well-made these chocolates are. Props to whoever made them”.

Photos of work in progress:

Pearls & Coasters
Keys Work In Progress
Painting The Candlestick
Sculpted Chocolate Vases Ready For Deecoration

Photos of completed items:

Selection Of Completed Chocolate Items On Table
David Bust Sculpture
White Vase Bite
Selection Of Completed Chocolate Items

Photos of video clips:

Sidemen Choc Or Not Screen Shot
Sidemen Correct Guess Rubiks Cube
Sidemen Choc Or Not Title

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